Friday, February 10, 2012

Project 366 -- A Sweet Aroma

Day 37

When I began to think about what to photograph today for Project 366, I was struck by the play of the late afternoon light on my perfume bottles. After taking photo #1 of the bottles by themselves, I decided to add another object that sits on my counter, a frame and photo--my Christmas gift from Anna. As I finished up my "shoot", I took away all but the beautiful, multi-sided bottle. I liked how the purple in both the frame and the bottle complimented each other. I also was pleased with the reflection in the counter top.

As I took this collection of photos, I realized that these objects placed together really speak to a legacy that belongs to my mom. As I was growing up, she was conscientious to make sure she looked her best when my dad came home from work. In the late afternoon, she'd say, "I need to go put on my face." I always thought the expression was a funny one, but I didn't miss her intent. She wanted to honor my father as he returned from a long day's work. Part of her preparation was to spritz on a bit of perfume.

I have learned from my mom's careful attention to her physical appearance what a gift that can be to others. While focus on physical looks can be taken way too far and even become an idol, I have learned from my mom that I can bless people by putting effort into my make-up and clothing choices--and yes--even the wearing of perfume. She has trained me in one of the ways of the Proverbs 31 woman who was also careful about her appearance. We learn in Proverbs 31:22 that her clothing was of "fine linen and purple," costly and rare in those days. The Proverbs 31 woman was no "sweatshirt slob"!

Now my mom's legacy is being passed down to her granddaughters as I teach them to honor others by how they care for their appearance. With my first granddaughter on her way, I presume that someday Anna will pass her Nana's legacy down to the little girl she is carrying and perhaps other daughters as well.

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