Friday, February 3, 2012

Project 366 -- Homemade Valentines

Day 33

One of our family traditions is to make Valentines for grandparents and the kids' widowed great aunts.

Here Cassandra (17) is making use of her drawing skills. The day my husband and I met Cassandra and her two siblings, Jaynie and Mark, in their orphanage in July 2001, we got the opportunity to watch them draw at the table in the orphanage director's office. We commented to each other that we were surprised at their skill level since they were just eight, seven and five.

Over the years, God has grown Cassandra into a young woman capable of creating the most winsome creatures. I hope some day she gets the chance to illustrate a children's book!


  1. What a wonderful tradition! All us girls in the house dedicate an evening before Valentine day to craft valentines for each other and our family and friends as well =D

  2. She's doing a great job!