Saturday, February 11, 2012

Project 366 -- My Little Beauty

Day 38

O how I love this little girl, the ninth of our older Russian adoptees.

Every day is a struggle for Oksana (7) because language has not come easily for her. When her adoption took place 14 months ago, the other two children we adopted at the same time, Daria (15) and Alexander (11) told us in their VERY broken English that what she was speaking was "not Russian."

Oksana's records show that her mother was mentally ill, and it may be that as a baby she never had the opportunity to interact with an adult in a way that would build the language skills every person needs. She was transferred to an orphanage at age one, and in that environment, despite the love the kids received, there would have been too many needs in the many small orphans to meet Oksana's language challenge.

Despite how hard it still is for her to communicate ideas to her family, you'd never know it from her personality. She's a happy, cheerful child, who is helpful and goes out of her way to tell us often how much she loves us. She'll say, "I love you too much!" with a big grin on her face and arms open for a hug. If we respond with, "I love you more!" She breaks into giggles. We praise God that she seems to understand nearly everything we say to her. She blesses us in so many ways, including her love of singing. Her favorite artist is Chris Tomlin. She especially loves to sing his choruses as we listen on the radio, although, of course, the words are uniquely hers. She's still clearly praising God. We praise God for giving her to our family! By His grace she is progressing each day. We remain faithful that our Great God WILL heal her.

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