Wednesday, November 26, 2014

365 People Photos: Number 94 ~ Catching a Few Winks

In the past couple of years as three grandchildren have been added to our family, we've discovered that holding a sleeping baby can bring on the most peaceful nap. Matt experienced one of those yummy siestas yesterday as he held his snoozing nephew Will.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

365 People Photos ~ Number 93: A Tired Teen

Recently our family had a long wait at an airport. One of our daughters and my husband were starting a journey to Zambia. Sarah was on her way work at an orphanage in the African nation. Because the two of them would be traveling internationally, the travelers had to arrive at the airport three hours prior to the departure of their flight. (Posts about Sarah's travels can be found at our family blog: Unto Him We Live.)

The whole family traveled to the airport to see the duo off, and we had a long wait after Jim and Sarah checked in. The kid's dad took advantage of the opportunity and read aloud to our kiddos in a quiet part of the airport. He managed to finish a chapter book he'd been reading to the kids during recent weeks. Our son, Matthew, wasn't able to stay awake during the read aloud time, but we all understood the reason. He had just started college and was still adjusting to the rigorous demands. Matt will turn 19 the day after Thanksgiving.