Sunday, February 19, 2012

Project 366 -- Days 43-45

Day 43

I continue to be fascinated with this perfume bottle. I just love the way the facets catch the late afternoon light. Even with this second attempt, I'm still not sure I've done the bottle's beauty justice.

Day 44

Lissie helped Oksana make her first batch of cookies, which we happily devoured at lunch yesterday. I missed getting photos of the baking. I did however caught my little one and her sister serving the warm goodies straight from the oven.

Day 45

Our family tradition for more than a decade is to prepare a brunch on Saturday that we then enjoy together before we go to church on Sunday. The photography is poor since the picture is back lit, but I'm including it anyway since it speaks to an important event in our family each week.

Our bruch always includes a sweet, and this week we were treated to carmel roles crafted by Natasha (11). They were SCRUMPTIOUS!

After breakfast I spent some time reading my Bible. Sunshine enjoyed the opportunity to both see and smell the world through the cracked window near where I was sitting.

Sunshine then had the audacity to jump on my bed and settle in for a mid-morning nap. Her eyes spoke of guilt over being where she's not allowed, but she didn't budge.

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  1. You might experiment with using an off-camera flash or a flashlight or something and take some shots after dark for a black background...I'm guessing that could make a pretty stunning shot. I'd also experiment with angles, as well as distance between the bottle and the wall. Just some suggestions. :)