Thursday, February 16, 2012

Project 366 -- "Scramble"

Day 42

Amy (9) finished her school work especially efficiently this morning so I offered her the chance to play Scrabble with me. It was Amy's first time to play the game, but she gave it her best.

After 14 years of home schooling, I was excited to stumble upon a wonderful learning tool. Playing Scrabble caused Amy to work on spelling, vocabulary, dictionary use, and math, as she kept our scores, all while having fun and strengthening our relationship. I thanked Lord for the gift of wisdom that led me to this brainstorm.

Later in the day, Amy pulled out an "antique" version of the game which I brought into our marriage. She happily proclaimed, "Look, Mom, I'm playing Scramble!"


  1. I LOVE the look of great concentration on Miss H's face!! Love that girl!

  2. Great idea! Scrabble's definitely a fun game to play! We've got a 90ish year old friend who's favorite thing to do is Scrabble, and I have yet to beat him. :)