Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project 366 -- Rare Opportunity

Day 46

Today I had the opportunity to photograph a normally elusive subject--my husband. Like many adults, he doesn't enjoy having the camera turned on him. However, today I caught him with my request at the happiest time of his day--just after he returns from work. Each evening 10 children surround him as he walks in the door. Each evening 10 hugs await him as soon as he sets down his computer. Each evening 10 inquiries greet his ear asking how his day went. Each evening I impatiently wait my turn to wrap my arms around my best friend of 28 years. It's the happiest time of MY day also.

Tonight we went upstairs to cuddle for a few minutes on the small sofa in our room. (Its hard for the parents of 12 to get much time alone!) The lighting in the early evening was just what photography books recommend for getting a portrait-type photo. Jim surprised me with a "Yes," when I asked him. I struggled getting the picture I wanted of the man who means everything to me--too much light, wrong angle, too little light, backdrop that was too pale. Through my photographic struggles, my man laughed and let me carry on until finally the 42nd exposure met my expectations.


  1. So THAT's the problem with my photography! I quit long before the 42nd exposure. lol.
    Your porrait of your best friend turned out great.

  2. That turned out really nice. I like the lighting a lot!!!