Sunday, January 12, 2014

Life is Too Short for a Spat with My Spouse

The story behind these beautiful photos is here: Life is so short!

Yesterday my husband and I had a fight.

Quite a fight.

We created our own wedded unbliss.

We did eventually reach reconciliation. We forgave. We put the hard words and the unkind insinuations behind us. But the hours it took us to arrive at resolution were gone. Forever.

The source of the quarrel? My pride...his pride...each of us trying to build our own kingdom.

I would have been touched by the story linked above about a beautiful marriage cut short at any reading. But following my folly yesterday, it cut me to the quick. I must not waste my marriage. Every moment the Lord allows me as a wife is precious. Priceless.

My husband and I have had 30 amazing years, and for that blessing I thank God. But good health tomorrow is an unknown.

We don't know when death will part us.

So the next time my pride feels the need to take a stand...the next time I'm determined to prove my rightness, I'm going to choose to lay down arms. I'm going to give in instead of pushing back. I'm going wave the white flag of surrender. Because when we fight, I don't win...even if I win.

I refuse to waste my marriage in a turf war. Life is too short.

(My husband gave his permission to post this.)

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