Friday, January 31, 2014

365 People Photos: No. 57--A Redhead's Coloring

This is our second granddaughter. With just two grandchildren, we're already relearning the lesson every parent of more than two kiddos knows; they're each unique. Our Creator has fashioned Evelyn Rose to be wonderfully, marvelously unique!

As a still fairly-unpracticed baby photographer, I do have to confess that my skills are being stretched by Evelyn's coloring. She doesn't have much hair yet, but the little bit she has is definitely reddish. And with that red hair has come red eyebrows and fair eye lashes. All this is set in skin so fair that at times, this sweet baby seems almost see-though.

As a photographer I've been challenged because the same lighting that worked for close-ups of her sister overwhelm this little princess. She washes out. To this grandmother, that is a no-no because this little peach is full of personality. While her fair features may cause a photo fade, her bright smile won't let her recede in a room. Her ready laugh is a constant reminder that she is a remarkably happy baby.

My hope is that this photo captures the wonder God placed in the coloring of this delicate redhead. I have much to learn about how to best play up this little one's features, which leaves me praying I will get to see her often as she grows.

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