Friday, January 24, 2014

365 People Photos--Day 53: Brielle's Blues

I got so caught up in staring at the deep blue of my granddaughter's eyes that I didn't notice her face still had part of her breakfast on it! This photo was taken in December in her nursery while her sister's diaper was being changed by one of the girls' many aunts. The natural light in Brielle's bedroom is wonderful. When I heard her crawl down the hallway toward her room, I went running with my camera. The pink paint in the nursery does lovely things for the 18-month-old's fair complexion.


  1. Good morning, Mrs. Beaver!
    I love seeing your photography work—your subjects are so beautiful! 
    Love in Christ,
    Whitney M.

    1. Thank you, Whitney, for the encouragement! Photographing my family brings me such JOY! I'm reminded over and over how incredibly blessed I am! God is so very, very kind!
      Mrs. Beaver