Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Favorite Quotes: The Reason Behind My Top Priority Each Day

My second in my series of favorite quotes from books I've read is actually a continuation from Jean Stockdale's book Proverbs and Principle for Parenting Practically Perfect Progeny. (Hence a second photo of the same flower.)

I am a lover of God's word. As such, I find the words below both comforting and convicting. Her words remind me why the first thing I do each day is open my Bible.
"God's Word is not a rule book. It is not a list of external religious rituals that we are required to adhere to or memorize. God's Word is a love letter from a Father to His child. It is truth. It is full of promises, principles, and precepts. It contains God's warnings, His wisdom, and even His wit. It is His divine revelation and the riches of His grace. It reveals both humanity's ruin and God's remedy. It is the story of redemption by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is full of hope and heaven. It declares Jesus to be God's only begotten Son and the one and only way to be forgiven and reconciled with God the Father. Who would dare to deal with it casually or carelessly?" (pg. 16)

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