Tuesday, July 15, 2014

365 People Photos: No. 82 ~ Lending a Hand

I've been near the inner workings of so many weddings lately. As a result I've come to realize just how many friends and family it takes to successfully carry off the big event. If a number of people don't pitch in to help, the event is at risk of flopping...or at least the mother-of-the-bride is at risk of a mental break down! 

At the recent wedding I attended in Houston, the bride's college roommates were staying with the family in advance of the big day when they would serve as bridesmaids in Ashley's wedding. I was impressed when I saw one of the young women, Chelsea, pitching in to washing dishes. I appreciated her servant's heart. As a people photographer, I also immediately noticed just how beautiful she looked in the morning light pouring in through the big window over the sink. I had my camera in hand and couldn't resist snapping a shot. Don't you love the glow around her face and the water droplets which are forever frozen in time?

I love people photography! You just never know where your next opportunity to record a special moment with appear!

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