Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Touch of Joy

Last night, our friends, the Henns, came over. Layne helped Lissie with some significant computer issues that have arisen since her dad left with her sister, Jaynie, for Central Asia. The computer problems would have affected her ability to do her college work while on her trip to St. Petersburg, Russia (see our family blog and her blog, Impassioned Purity, if you would like to follow her journey to work with vulnerable children).

While my dear friends were here, I had the chance to take photos of one of my favorite subjects, Layne and Tanya's 13-month-old daughter. She was enthralled with our crated dogs, and her interest in them gave me the chance to capture many of her expressions. I found joy in the opportunity to photograph her, and it just so happens that her middle name is Joy.

Lissie has been a babysitter and mother's helper to Tanya for several years. Lissie was quite happy last night to get one last snuggle in with her favorite baby before traveling.

Thanks, Layne and Tanya, for the last-minute computer help, the support and encouragement during this challenging time for our family, and the opportunity to photograph your little beauty. As friends, you ROCK!  Denise

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