Saturday, August 6, 2011

Feeling Awe

The book of Acts in the Bible tells the story of more and more people being saved following Jesus' death, resurrection and ascension. Chapter 4 says of this phenomenon, "Everyone kept feeling a sense of awe" (verse 43).

Although the context is utterly different, my obsession with taking close-up photos of flowers and wild grasses this summer has grown out of the sense of awe for God that swells inside me. When I see the details of the plants enlarged many times on a computer screen, I feel overwhelmed by the creativity, majesty, power and lovingkindness of the God who is the Master of such beauty.

I've been awestruck by my God more times than I can count this summer, and I'm grateful to my Creator for the gift of a hobby that leads inevitably to worship.

I share the photos hoping that you, too, might just find yourself feeling a sense of awe and worshipping God in response.

Awestruck by my Maker,

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