Friday, May 24, 2013

365 People Pictures: Day 28--Cell Phone Surprise

As I learn to capture people with my camera, I want to work on catching emotion. Here I was blessed to snap the shutter just as my 11-month-old granddaughter seized her aunt's cell phone. I love both their expressions. My daughter's joy over her niece's antics delights me. Being the mother of twelve means that our oldest daughter is now having her children before our younger children are grown and gone. What a gift to watch the two generations interact!

I also love Brielle's wonder in this photo. Her face may look like it holds the expected curiosity of a baby with a new object in her hand. But such is not the case here! Brielle's mommy and daddy are of the social media, techno-everything generation (I can't think of a more articulate description.). Thus, this little girl has been grabbing for cell phones since the moment her motor skills allowed her to sufficiently elongate her reach. I believe Brielle's is generated by the fact that she's snatched a phone and no one has yet snatched it back!

Ah.... I love people photography...expressions captured that are so fleeting they would otherwise be missed...personalities on display in a way that reminds me what a blessed mother and grandmother I am! God has been so good to me! I love people photography.

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