Thursday, May 9, 2013

365 People Pictures: Day 26 ~ Red Poppy Legacy

I was blessed with the opportunity to visit my daughter, Anna, and her family this weekend. That gave me the chance to see our grandchild, Brielle, for the first time in 2-1/2 months. I thank God for the opportunity to pull out my camera to capture her at 11 months. What joy!

As Anna got her little one ready for church on Sunday, she picked out Brielle's dress quite intentionally with since I was visiting. She chose one that was given to Brielle by my mom ~ Brielle's great-grandmother. I admit I was delighted to see this little bit of my mom's touch gracing the first of this next generation. I know, however, that my mom's influence will reach far deeper into Brielle's life than pretty clothing. I was raised by a woman who loved her husband, delighted in her children and managed her home well. Truthfully, her shoes are still hard to fill! My mom's high standard has affected the wife, mother and homemaker that I am. Her ways have influenced how I've worked to prepare our daughters for the roles they will likely hold as women. And Anna tells me that she thinks of her Nana routinely now that she's a wife, mother and homemaker. Undoubtedly, as Brielle ~ and any future daughters ~ grow, Anna will be training them in ways that have passed through three generations already.

Brielle's little red-flowered dress speaks of quite a legacy.

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