Monday, March 5, 2012

Project 366 -- Reflections

Days 57 & 58 -- March 4-5, 2012
The most recent post on our family blog, Unto Him We Live, tells how we took our 20-year-old son, John, to the Omaha airport yesterday for a 10-day trip to Ethiopia with others from our church. I took the photo above as Lissie watched for one of the team members to arrive.

When Lissie gave me her permission to use this picture, she told me that the photo captures what she'll look like in nine days as she eagerly watches for her twin's plane to land.

Lissie misses John terribly, and this is just his first full day gone. What a bond the two share--begun in the womb and still strong more than 20 years later! I have no doubt that some of the movement that I felt while pregnant with the two of them was John cracking a joke and Lissie giggling riotously. In our family, we frequently say that Lissie's always been John's greatest audience. Her consistent willingness to laugh at his puns and quips has probably contributed significantly to the development of John's winning sense of humor that his whole family appreciates and is currently missing.


This second photo lacks the human interest but is also a reflection I captured at the airport yesterday:

The photo was taken of an empty store front in the Omaha Airport (at the bottom of the photo you can see some of the wiring left when the souvenir shop went out of business.) I was facing the interior of the airport, but the bright sun reflecting on the parking garage makes it look as though I was photographing the exterior. The seams in the store's glass frontage caused the parking garage to look rent (as in ripped) or rippled. The picture feels all too much like modern art for my taste. But in this year when I'm trying to practice nearly daily with my camera to increase my skill and abilities, my experiment of photographing an empty shop was an effective learning experience.


  1. Great job with these shots! I know your goal is to use photography to tell stories of people, and that shot of Lissie really does. Nice work! I like the second one too...very artistic! :)

  2. Thanks, Jason, for your encouragement! I so appreciate the time you're taking to peek at my pictures. You've been so kind! Don't be afraid to teach me how to improve, too. I've been really impressed by your work and growing skill!

    God bless,
    Mrs. R.