Monday, March 26, 2012

Project 366 -- Former Orphanage Mates

Day 72

Natasha (on the left - 12) and Tatiana (14) are biological sisters whom we adopted from Russia seven years ago.

The girls didn't live together when they were little. They were separated by the dysfunctionality of their mother's life, and there was no father figure. Natasha lived with her younger sister, Amy (now 9), and their mother in a western region of the vast country, very close to the borders of Ukraine and Belarus, while Tatiana lived in Moscow with a grandmother. What united them? A better question is who united them. The Lord abounds in lovingkindness (Neh 9:17), and He demonstrated it in the lives of these two sisters when He caused their paths to intersect such that they were placed in the same orphanage. There they became fast friends. Yesterday, as we waited for our order at the Blue Bunny ice cream parlor, I snapped this photo of their continuing friendship as they shared the side of a booth and happy conversation.

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  1. That's a really neat story. Praise God they're together in a loving home now.