Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Project 366 -- Days 25-30

I need to do a bit of catching up since I've just traveled to northern Georgia for the Created for Care adoptive moms conference.

Day 25
I came out of my room following rest time in our house and was surprised to discover I had a fourth son...or at least a stuffed lion dressed up like an athletic boy by my third son, Alexander (12)

Day 26
Just pretty iron work in the stair railing in the lodge in which the group of 400-plus moms stayed.

Day 27
Hotel decorations--my daughter, Anna, taught me how to take this kind of close-up of an object or objects. Thanks, Anna! I love you and miss you!

Days 28 & 29
Here are a couple of photos I took on walks on the shore of Lake Lanier. I loved getting to do some macro photography (Denise's definition of the photography term: "super close-up focusing on fine details"). These bits of God's grand creation are certainly unseen in Iowa in January!

"On the glorious splendor of Your majesty
And on Your wonderful works, I will meditate."
Psalm 145:5 NASB

Day 30
A complete switch from my travel photos--a Scrabble board laid ready for action at Panera. My husband, Jim, and I discovered several years ago that we enjoy playing games on our dates. While we don't do this every time, we've learned that laughter is good medicine for a marriage in the midst of all that raising and educating children, maintaining a home and pursuing a career demands.

Last night we never placed a single tile because I talked and talked and talked, and Jim demonstrated his love for me by listening and listening and listening...


  1. I like all 4 of those macros, especially the outside ones. Great job!

    1. Thanks, Jason, for the encouragement! I enjoyed taking the outdoor pictures. The day was as beautiful as a January day could be in northern Georgia and the ground was carpeted with oak leaves. I just plopped down in them to get a different perspective.

      God bless,
      Mrs. R.