Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Chance to See "The Belly Bump"!

My oldest daughter, Anna, and Aaron, her husband--my son-by-marriage, will be visiting this coming weekend. Anna is pregnant with their first child and will be 18-1/2 weeks along when they're here. When we saw the "three" of them at Thanksgiving, Anna was just beginning to show.

I am so eager to see my baby now that Anna is truly showing as she carries her baby! Praise the Lord for His great goodness in breathing new life into our family! Since Aaron and Anna live in Ohio this will probably be my only chance to see her little one while he/she is still inside mommy. You can bet I'm going to wrap my arms tightly around both of them.
Here are some other photos I snatched of the nearly newlyweds as they relaxed at sunset on the shore of Lake Superior in November:

I love having the chance to capture their romance with my camera! I'm a happy mama to have a girlie who is so happy in the role of wife which the Lord has given her! I'm a happy mama to have a son-in-law who nurtures and cherishes his wife!


  1. Fun! Enjoy your time all together (& take lots of pictures please:)


  2. Denise,
    Enjoy the time with your "baby" and her baby. We feel so blessed to have this new grandchild. Thank you for raising our new daughter in the godly and nurturing home that you provided. I know it has been a wonderful example for her to follow as she and Aaron raise their gift from the Lord.

  3. Tina,
    Thanks so much for your always encouraging words!

    We are equally grateful to you and Ric for the incredible son you've raised. Every time I'm near Aaron, I love my new son more. Most importantly, however, I love the way he treats my daughter. He is kind and gentle and supportive of her. Aren't our two "young marrieds" maturing beautifully by God's grace? "Young and married" can be a truly blessed state.

    We, too, celebrate God's good gift of a grandchild. We so happy that you and Ric will be there to provide the wonderful kind of nearby support every young father and mothers dreams of. Thanks for rearing Aaron in such a way that I can be confident he'll make a great father!