Friday, January 20, 2012

Joining Project 366

A good many photographers started 2012 by declaring they were going to take a picture-a-day in an effort to improve their photography skills.

I've made the decision to participate in Project 366 nearly a month after the start of the new year. (Did I ever mention I really struggle with running late?!?)

As I've reflected on the effort this intentional photography will require, its slowly dawned on me that the discipline required to meet the goal will be worth any hassle I encounter. You see, I feel as though the Lord has commissioned me to use our camera to "defend the orphan, [and] plead for the widow" (Isaiah 1:17). The time I've spent in orphanages has touched my heart. Now I want to touch the hearts of others. As the Lord makes opportunities available, I want to take photographs which will help raise awareness of the plight of "the least of these." I'll need better photography skills to do that. Thus I'm ready to force myself to practice picture taking for the remainder of the year.

A side benefit is that the photos can be a sort of journal of our family's year.

So here goes:

Day 20

I took today's photos during our family's "rest time,"an hour in the afternoon when we scatter to various corners of the house and engage in some quiet activity. After getting a loaf of bread started in the bread maker, Natasha sorted our recipe cards which had been in disarray since the box was dumped months ago.

Meanwhile, Tatiana was pouring through a book she found at the library this morning...

...and Sunshine was mourning her lack of playmates.


  1. Good pictures! Hey and if you post several photos a day, you'll catch to 366 photos :D Love you!

  2. Oh YAY! I'm excited that you're going to join this challenge too! :)

  3. I just discovered that you were doing the challenge too. Welcome! I like the shots you post, and look forward to seeing more!