Tuesday, September 2, 2014

365 People Photos: Number 87 ~ On the Move (With Photo Tip)

One of the suggestions which I've read repeatedly in my books about photographing children is to get down on their level. Obviously, I did just that to capture this picture of my granddaughter.

In this photo, I love the implied movement in the photo as Evelyn rises from her crawling position to a stand, emerging from under the family's kitchen table pushing a chair. I love the take-charge look on this one-year-old's face. I also love the wee bit of green on the far right in an otherwise pink-and-brown picture. Evelyn's parents do their best to keep older sister's crayons away from their little tyke because at this stage Evelyn's preference is to eat crayons rather than utilizing them to make art. This toddler must have felt like she'd found treasure when she came upon the "forbidden fruit" as she crawled under the table.

Photo tip:

For more compelling pictures of children, 
get down on the child's level.

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