Wednesday, June 26, 2013

365 people Pictures: Day 33--An Unexpected Baby Lover

This is a favorite photo of our 14-year-old son, Alexander, and our granddaughter, Brielle, taken last week when we vacationed in Ohio.

We adopted Alexander from Russia when he was eleven. Until our daughter, Anna, and her husband, Aaron, had their daughter a year ago, Alexander hadn't had the opportunity to be around babies. And, boy, is he good with his niece! Of all the people in our large family, Alexander gets the quickest smile out of the one-year-old. She simply adores him, and the feeling is mutual. If God hadn't placed Alexander in a family, he never would have had nieces or nephews because he had no siblings in Russia. Now he has eleven, and that bodes of many, many nieces and nephews to love on as time goes by! God is so kind!

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