Friday, August 17, 2012

Precious Moments

When my husband, Jim, and our oldest son, John, got home from work today, we piled in our 15-passenger for a picnic.

We loved having my niece, Amanda, along with us.

Oksana (8) was enthusiastic. 

Amy (10) was also pleased.

Taking pizza kept the evening simple... 

...focused on family fellowship and fun.

Meanwhile, I was focused on one of my favorite past times--trying to capture a glimpse of my children's personalities with a camera.

Some of these pictures were taken while our kiddos listened intenly as their dad read aloud to them from his IPad. Reading aloud is admittedly an unusual activity for a park, but we're in the middle of The Hidden Hand, a mystery full of suspense!

Once he got to a perfect cliff hanger to his listeners dangling, Jim stopped reading and released the kids to burn off some energy before we headed home for Bible time. What sweet family time we shared tonight--truly precious moments!

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