Monday, May 7, 2012

Watering and Fertilizing My Faith

As we begin the adoption process yet again, I've been rereading biographies of George Mueller, a man whose faith, devotion to prayer and love of God's Word have deeply impacted me. Mueller's long life covered nearly all of the 1800s. During that time he saw to the care of more than 10,000 orphans in Bristol, England, all without asking for a penny. He took each need to the Lord alone. And His prayer-hearing God met every need. Every single need.

Like George Mueller, we, too, have experienced the Lord's never-ceasing help. In our case, He has shown Himself faithful in all the many ways we have needed Him in order to adopt and then parent older orphans from Russia. With each of our three adoptions of trios of kiddos, He has consistently healed the hearts, minds, and bodies of these formerly broken and hurting children. Even though we have repeatedly experienced His faithfulness, I still find it helpful to be reminded through the stories of Mueller's experiences just how safe it is to count on the Lord for all we need. God is more than able to navigate us through this remarkably complex process, leading us to the blessed outcome of adding four siblings to our family.

The verse above was one of Mueller's favorites.

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  1. God is definitely able, and I believe He will provide everything you guys need! You're fulfilling a vital part of "pure and undefiled religion," and that something God wants to bless.