Monday, April 28, 2014

Our Second April Birthday

Today our youngest daughter turned ten!

Eliana waited eagerly all day to find out what were in the gifts piled on the heart. 

She ripped...

...and tore...

...and dug to find her treasures.

At last, it was time to find out what the giant bag from mom and dad held.

To get the treasure out of this tall bag, Eliana had to dig and dig and dig.

Eventually, Eliana pulled out two dolls.

The new ten year old radiated happiness.

The hearts of the whole family were joy filled as we watched this thin waif of a former orphan relish the sense of truly belonging. Although she was adopted 3 years ago, Eliana continues to bubble with happiness when she is made the center of affection for a birthday celebration. 

Happy Birthday to our last little one! You richly bless each of us..
We thank God that He placed you in our family through adoption!

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  1. Happy birthday! Today my sister turned 2!