Friday, November 1, 2013

365 People Photos--No.50: Twins Born 5,103 Miles Apart

Of our 12 children, these two get the most comments that they look alike. Often people even ask if they're twins. These questions and remarks tickle our family because Lissie (left) and Jaynie (right) may be close in age (16 months apart) and height, but that's where the similarities end. After all, the girls were born on different continents to different parents. Perhaps the assertions that the girls must be twins is especially funny to us since Lissie does have a twin--John. People rarely ask Lissie and John the same query she and Russian-born Jaynie get.

It was God's doing that these two look like sisters even though they share no genetic heritage. The wonder of adoption continues to amaze our family each time someone addresses Lissie or Jaynie with the familiar words, "Boy, you and your sister sure do look a lot alike!" When the question inevitably comes when the two girls are together, the rest of us just turn away and exchange knowing smiles. God certainly knew what He was doing when He placed Jaynie in our family!


  1. Dear Mrs. Beaver,
    I thought this post was funny! I had not thought that Jaynie and Lissie looked so much alike until this picture! Just by looking at the photos you post, I have had a hard time telling Daria and Cassandra apart and have trouble believing that /they/ aren't twins!
    All your children are beautiful and I'm so thankful for those godly parents who adopt. As you said on your other blog, it's such a wonderful picture of what Christ did for us!
    So excited for Cassandra and Samuel! (I have a hard time thinking of her as Sarah, I'm going to have to get used to that! :) )
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Love in Christ,
    Whitney M.

    1. Your love of and support of our family means so very much to us! Families who so this wild thing called adoption need tremendously large teams of folks willing to support them in prayer and words of encouragement. Never underestimate the power of that form of orphan care! It's so REAL!!!
      With love,