Sunday, August 4, 2013

365 People Pictures: Day 40--Christening A New Lens

My husband kindly indulged me in the purchase of a new lens this weekend. I asked him for a 50 mm fixed-focus prime, having read that this type of lens is well-suited to portraits (I may not have the description of the lens correct; I still have so much to learn about even the basics of photography). With our second grandchild due any time now, I'm looking forward to a great deal of newborn photography when I travel to Ohio to help Anna and her young family following the baby's birth.

Today I began practicing with the new lens by catching our second-oldest son, Mark (age 17), as he emerged from his bedroom. I'm thankful to the Lord for children who are remarkably good-natured about having a their photos taken. They live 24/7 with a "mamarazzi" who sometimes turns a camera on them when they least expect it. Mark experienced that today. He had just awakened from a nap. Bless his heart! What a smile, considering the circumstances. What patience! I'm a blessed mom with great kiddos!

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  1. Congrats on the 50mm! Somehow I think you'll like it.