Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter's Implications

Photo Credit: Lissie

Tonight we attended an event at our church. As we sang Andy Cherry's song "Our God's Alive" my heart swelled with both conviction and joy over the implications of the cross. Here are a couple of favorite quotes that I've been ruminating on:

"Each of us rightfully deserves the guilty verdict and divine wrath that Jesus bore in our place on [the] cross. Therefore, when we take the cross seriously, we find our pride, our self-satisfaction, and our smug resentment toward or contempt for others shattered into a thousand pieces." Fitzpatrick and Johnson, Counsel from the Cross, pg. 12

"...the holy sovereign Lord whose authority we have defied and whose glory we have deflected to unworthy rivals was willing to endure the judgement that his own impeccable justice pronounced upon us. The cross declares that we are loved with an intensity that defies our capacity to comprehend, not because we are intrinsically lovable but because God is intrinsically love." Ibid, pg.12

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